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aka Slobodan VuckovicSlobodan Vučković aka Wolvie

Profession: movie freak. During the day boring economist and when night falls becoming a movie superhero. Big fan of movies. scifi, comics, gaming, pop culture in general. As a real movie superhero he has been ever present in all the forms of media, from radio shows, blogs and different web sites. All he ever wanted is world peace but no one cares to listen! Still didn’t realize what is his main super ability but as soon as he manages to find some radioactive spider, amazing things will follow….



Milica PopovicMilica Popović aka Wonder Woman

Milica is one specific movie freak and as all leading Hollywood heroins she is in a constant search for Mr. Perfect. So if you are reading this Channing Tatum, come and meet Milica. Untill we wait for him, Milica will enjoy all those comic book movies and all romantic comedies that she can get her hands on. So bring it on!




Barry El BeardoBarry El Beardo

Film lover, Film maker and World Peace tryer! Studied Video Production and Film Studies for 3 years at university. Always been into films but as odd as it sounds, ‘Scream’ really dipped me into the love of film and especially horror films. Working at a cinema in England as an Operations Manager specializing in Audio Visual (the new fancy word for ‘Projection’) and trying to share my opinions on some of the best films ever made and the worst films ever thought of!





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